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This year more than ever, we have seen drastic examples of people acting from their insecure thinking, believing that circumstances require such actions. If ever the world was ripe for a different way to handle emotions, conflicts and traumas, now is the time.

Imagine a world where solutions were not handed down by others, but arose from the collective wisdom of the very communities themselves. In Modello, Lakewood, Des Moines, and other communities where people have begun to see their innate wisdom and resilience, we have seen that happen. YOU can help make that happen locally and globally!

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This past year, your generosity has allowed us to craft virtual programs to engage Principles-grounded followers across the globe in learning how to bring the Principles to their own communities by:

  • Holding weekly Awakening Community Circles in online video calls hosted by Dr. Judy Sedgeman on monthly topics such as mental health, good and evil, education, violence and bullying, relationships, youth, community, business, health care, and social justice to begin engaging people on issues and possibilities.

  • Holding monthly free "Open Mic" sessions open to the public to expand awareness of and participation in CSC programs and services

  • Holding two 8-week Community Collaborative Workshops (led also by Judy Sedgeman) that spawned local projects including, listening posts, visitation with local vets, online support gatherings, etc.

  • Supporting an initial class of 13 Collaborative Associates already grounded in the Principles, working one-on-one with CSC to develop community projects in government, schools, and other arenas, to help people who are homeless, lonely, hungry, addicted, incarcerated, or just need support.

  • Initiated a pilot project with one of our Collaborative Associates to create an online list of local and virtual Community Circle Groups where people can engage with others on a regular basis to share insights and develop their understanding of the Principles and ways to spread them.

  • Held the 4th annual free Global Telesummit: Transforming Communities from the Inside Out, a week long live audio event with speakers from across the globe who are doing that.

Now we want to do MORE and we need YOUR help to do it! In 2018 we hope to expand our programs and services to include:

  • A new website that honors the history and founders of the Center and highlights the ongoing efforts of the many people now sharing the Principles in their own communities. It will also provide a community directory of people grounded in this understanding who are willing to share experiences and collaborate on community projects of interest.

  • Create an expanding list of local and online communities that meet regularly to offer support, create community, and further immersion in the Principles.

  • Engage a dedicated grant writer to find further funding opportunities to help communities in need learn of the Principles, continuing the work of our founder, Dr. Roger Mills.

  • Host the 5th Annual Free Global Telesummit focused on the work of people in their communities.

  • Continue to offer scholarships for paid programs on a case-by-case basis so that people who have a desire to spread this understanding in their communities are assisted in doing so.

We need your help to make this happen! We can't do it without YOU.

Please share your enthusiasm for these activities with us by going to centerforsustainablechange.org/contribute to make a one-time or monthly contribution. All donations received by December 15 will be matched by a generous donor, so please do not delay. You may also mail your donation today to: Center for Sustainable Change, PO Box 877, Canandaigua, NY 14424.

We also encourage you to get involved with us, follow our newsletter updates, participate in the free services or paid programs that we offer and challenge yourself to share the Principles in your community. Not sure how to begin? Start small with our January Community Collaborative Workshop or our Awakening Community Circles.

Thank you so much for your generous support of funds, love and spirit.

Terri Alamo
Executive Director

Sandy K Johnson
Chair, Board of Directors

Donate Now
Center for Sustainable Change is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (FEIN 20-2096472). Your donation today is tax deductible under US IRS law.

"When I was introduced to the Principles, the Modello project caught my imagination, especially after I had my first big insight on reading a little ways into Somebody Should Have Told Me. I could see how this kind of thing could change the world. So when I learned that CSC was carrying on with projects in the same spirit, I've naturally wanted to support the Center's work."

~ Rush Wayne

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