We Can Be More Awesomer

The Awesome EventMichael Neill presented a wonderful Ted Talk entitled "Why Aren't We More Awesomer?" For CSC the answer might be because YOU are not participating in The Awesome Event. If you are participating, we will definitely be "More Awesomer."

How could you miss this Event? This is the first Three Principles Event where people from all over the world, utilizing the principles to create transformational and sustainable change in their own communities, will gather to share their experiences and learn from others. This includes YOU who – having gained even a glimmer of the inside-out nature of life – is sharing that understanding through your life and the way you now "see" the world.

Mahima Shrestha will share her experiences surviving the major earthquake in Nepal. Jacqueline Hollows will share her experiences in prisons where the inmates themselves are now leading their own gatherings introducing the principles and where recidivism rates have decreased from 50% to 10%. Dajohn White will share his experiences forming the "Rebels," a gang in South Chicago renouncing violence. You can share your experiences helping that person the other day see life just a little brighter.

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The Awesome Event is not a conference. It's an Event. It's not a bunch of famous speakers talking to you. It's smaller group settings (tracks) where open and honest sharing occurs – sharing which will deepen your understanding, engage your wisdom, and inspire you to think differently about your community and the role you play in creating global change.

Are you interested in "Relieving the Suffering" from trauma or violence? Would you like to explore effective ways for "Engaging Youth" and "Bringing the SPARK Back?" If you feel the need to be more active in social and political change, consider "Civic Engagement from the Heart." Would you like to learn about "Recovery from Addiction" and how you can help reverse our nation's substance abuse crisis? Can you see the impact of "Awakening: Beyond the Ego" in our world today? Would understanding more deeply "Resiliency for Real People" capture your imagination and launch your wisdom?

You can choose – two out of the six Event tracks – only two -- for in depth discussions and sharings which will continue even after the Event. You'll also get recordings of your chosen tracks so you can be more present and not need to take notes. If you're torn about deciding, you'll even be able to purchase access to recordings of the tracks you do not choose.

We live in an Awesome world -- but also one that is divided and angry. As we grow and deepen our understanding that we are one human race, that we are all connected with each other, that we are all united inextricably through universal Mind, that we are a "Common" "Unity," we will see all of life as our Community. We can be More Awesomer...


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