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Can you afford to pledge just one dollar today?

Your dollar would make a huge difference in the lives of returning U.S. veterans. Because if just 473 people pledge one dollar today, we will reach our goal of 500 donors supporting a game-changing research project. This project will substantiate the impact of Principles-based therapies for U.S. veterans confronting PTSD.

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Why just one dollar? Because our goal is to demonstrate that people in the Three Principles community really value this project – so we can go to other funding organizations and show them that you are behind us, 100 percent.

Why donate? These returning veterans are not getting the help they need through traditional programs. With your help, Center for Sustainable Change will be able to provide the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and others the evidence that a Three Principles-based approach works. Opportunities will open across the country – and the world – to make this therapy available to veterans and others suffering from PTSD and related mental health issues. Practitioners and trainers will be busy gearing up for the demand.

Project Details: Dr. Bill Pettit and Dr. Judy Sedgeman, along with staff from Center for Sustainable Change, developed the curriculum. Dr. Tom Kelley of Wayne State University worked with CSC staff to produce the evaluation instruments. Dr. Kelley will do the follow-up analysis. The project is coordinated and supervised by Center for Sustainable Change, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that continues the work of its founder, Dr. Roger Mills. Center for Sustainable Change develops Three Principles-based programs in collaboration with parents, teachers, and other adults who care for children, youth and young adults.

Here are Dave Nichols, Executive Director, and Oscar Wolters-Duran, President of the Board of Center for Sustainable Change, to tell you more about the project:

This campaign will help us convince foundations and other organizations that the Three Principles community is behind this research project. The projects, THRIVING vs. Surviving and Coming Home to Peace, have received some early commitments for partial funding, but we need more and are working to find them.

Your donation is tax deductible. Give BIG or small. Help us and help veterans whose suicide rate is not going down and who suffer daily.


With hope and gratitude,

Dave signature Oscar signature
Dave Nichols,
CSC Executive Director
Oscar Wolters-Duran,
Board President

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