Veterans Day 2015

Greetings on this U.S. Veterans Day!

american-balloon.jpgWe are reaching out to you this day to share news of two new pilot programs for veterans and their families, which we are developing with Bill Pettit, MD, Judith Sedgeman, EdD, and Thomas Kelley, PhD.

Recent reports in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times show that existing treatments for PTSD and combat-related problems are not working, yet the VA won't fund our approach without evidence it works. These pilots will provide that evidence and we'll share the results. Learn more.

These pilot programs are steps toward our vision to create a world-wide network of people who support, train or teach children, youth and young adults in the Three Principles.

We invite you to join our important work in any or all of the following ways:

1. Support Our Work with Veterans, Parents and Teachers

  • Our emerging programs for veterans, Thriving vs. Surviving and Coming Home to Peace, are Principles-based programs to help veterans and their families struggling with PTSD and other challenges. In partnership with a university, we will analyze the impact of these programs in improving and sustaining each participant's mental health and quality of life and share the results. We've received commitments of grant funding for this work, but need additional matching funds to get these programs off the drawing board and provide much needed services to young veterans. Click here to donate.

  • Our work with parents and teachers is global and growing. We have developed a curriculum for a continuing education online course through West Virginia University for teachers, parents and children/youth service professionals. Click here to donate.

  • We've held our third free 10-event 5-day Global Telesummit and are planning special-topic webinars online as well as other resources and programs. CSC receives 50% of the net revenue from the sale of all Telesummit recordings. Recordings are available by single sessions or in discount packages for this year's sessions and for the two previous years' sessions. The 2014 sessions are also available as transcripts.  Click here to make your purchase selections.

2. Start a 3P Group in Your Community

This summer we helped Rob Friend, in the San Francisco's East Bay area, to organize a series of trainings in his community for people interested in bringing the Principles to their volunteer work in youth-serving organizations. Rob shares that "When I had a vision to help our community of 3P practitioners find a way to reach out to the larger community, it was Center for Sustainable Change that helped me put together a training program on how to be a volunteer from this perspective. We are so grateful to CSC for bringing the program to fruition in such a practical way." If you'd like to start a similar grass roots training or gathering in your community, we can help! Send an email to Lynanne Lawhead with your ideas.

3. Learn More About CSC from Our Board Members

Our Board members are passionate about bringing the Principles to children and youth through those that care for them! If you are a parent, teacher, or someone who cares about young people, our Board members would love to talk with you about your interests and the work of CSC. Maybe there is a new way you could help that hasn't been thought of yet! Just send an email if you are interested in speaking with one of our Board members.

Thanks again for all you do!

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Dave Nichols
Executive Director
Oscar Wolters-Duran
Board President

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