The Transforming Power of A Simple Understanding

There is a fundamental misunderstanding of the human experience. Where do feelings come from? We see and feel our thinking from brief viewpoints of clarity or illusion. It is our design to do so and our prerogative to see life any way we want. People function with a story-creating mind of flowing Thought that generates feeling to help us navigate the physical world. Our feelings prompt a responsive action, reaction or quiet stillness within us. Whether happy or sad, suffering or content, all of us utilize the same formless gifts and power to create a fully human experience of life – the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. Anytime we lose sight of their power, or our true formless nature, we get lost in personal realities we make up, and don’t realize this happens. Understanding the nature of these Three Principles reduces the stressful tension we often feel in schools and communities across the globe.

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Children, youth and adults relate our experience of life the best we know how, given the thoughts we engage from moment-to-moment. Busy with our doing, the personal mind revs up and we lose sight of our true formless Self, getting caught up in a mirage of thought-created realities, we unknowingly made up and don't realize it. When feeling insecure, we often fear and forget how life works, while low feelings create suffering and the outcomes of harmful behavior. Simply put, the innocent misuse of Thought creates suffering. Not just sometime, it always works that way (inside-out).

When you enter the presence of others, seldom do you realize that people think and interact with dynamic states of mind that stir human form and direction. Click here to see and feel the learning environment of Educators who share a simple understanding of the Three Principles, awakening this transforming power in others. Understanding increases learning, reduces non-attendance and the stressful tension you feel in schools and communities across the globe.

All people function with dynamic states of mind that stir human form and direction. But we often misunderstand where our experience of life comes from (how we use the Three Principles vs. circumstance) and engage corrupt thinking that generates insecurity, feelings of separation and suffering. The constructive ability to interact with personal thought allows you to function in a physical space of continuous creation. In doing so, you cover up the natural feelings of wellbeing within you. Soon as you remember how life works, you unleash the power of innate wisdom and dissolve low feelings you unknowingly create with the power of Thought.

True learning is an adventure from cradle to the grave. It awakens the joy of seeing what is always here. A natural flow of Thought goes through your mind each day and the body feels it. Thoughts and feelings change from moment to moment, allowing you to explore the unknown and experience what is here. The true Educator can see life clearly, listen easily and notice their body is relaxed while sharing the presence of their true Self with others. They often celebrate life anew and feel who you are, being grateful. 

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    As I read, I thought, ‘wow, creating a peaceful state of mind. How simple is that to describe the pure power of the 3 principles.’ Thank you so much for posting this description and providing the school video.
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