The "Short Route" to Solving Problems

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Happy children wavingWhat if a single thought, one simple realization, could change a bureaucracy?

What if the level of wisdom, caring and rapport that prevails in an institution is the only FREE and unlimited, and yet most CRITICAL resource, we can provide?

What if inspired educators and innovators were drawn to the joy of teaching regardless of circumstances?

Now there's an exciting new way to bring the Three Principles into your professional development.  CSC has partnered with West Virginia University to offer a series of four University-backed, self-directed online courses: Resiliency in Teaching: Reviving the Joy.

These courses are open now to ANYONE, worldwide, who wants to experience a whole new definition of mental health and well-being and recognize the true power of resiliency.

You can register at any time, and start and finish the pre-recorded materials and activities at your own pace without worrying about class meeting times.  Each course does have a completion date, so there is a schedule -- albeit very generous.  (More info is available here.)

Course titles include:

  • Resiliency in Teaching:  Redefining Mental Health (3.5 ILUs)

  • Resiliency in Teaching:  What is Resilience? (1.5 ILUs)

  • Resiliency in Teaching:  Problem-Solving from the Inside Out (1.5 ILUs)

  • Resiliency in Teaching:  Resilience in the Classroom (1.5 ILUs)

NOTE:  There is also a "Resiliency in Teaching: Reviving the Joy Certificate Program" option (8 ILUs + price discount), where all 4 courses are taken together during the same term.

Register Online NOW!

How To Register? Instructions Here (PDF, 1.3MB)

These courses are a universal solution to what people see as a complex array of separate problems, all of which seem to demand individual solutions.

They point at the fundamental issue, which is understanding how human psychology works and understanding the role of thought and state of mind.  "State of mind" is invisible in all of the solutions people are offering for solving school problems, although it is an underlying element in those that appear to be having success.

What we are offering is the "short route" to problem-solving — deeply understanding and knowing how to nurture true resiliency in people, and then allowing that to be the ingredient that leads to change, case by case.

"Why should I take these courses?"

  • If you're a busy teacher, you don't have to take chunks out of your daily schedule to fulfill your Continuing Ed requirements. Online courses are wonderful because you can go about your day, tuck the kids in, get comfortable, and study in peace and quiet when YOU have time for it.

  • If you are an educator or parent at the end of your rope because of the pressures of the day, these courses offer you an entirely new vision for accessing your own peace of mind and common sense and bringing those qualities out in those around you.

  • If you are looking for simple answers that do not require learning more techniques and sitting through more trainings, these courses show you how to find those answers for yourself and access wisdom you didn't know you had.

"What do I get?"

Once you've successfully completed all the required Discussion postings in the course and after you've passed a course's final quiz indicating mastery of the material, you'll receive an official West Virginia University certificate to add to your job application or resume.  You'll also earn International Learning Units (ILUs).  Because ILUs are outcome based, they are more rigorous and are generally approved for conversion to CEU credits, if desired.

What you register for is what you get a certificate for.  When you register for all 4 courses together as one course, you'll receive one official West Virginia University certificate and the 8 ILU credits for all four courses.  If you register for each course separately, then for each of the four individual courses, you'll receive one official West Virginia University certificate and related ILU credits.

"How much time will it take?"

If you took all four courses and did everything there was to do in them all, it would likely represent at most 65-70 hours online, whenever you felt like putting in the time.  Your individual completion time will depend on your schedule, discipline, and motivation.

There are no papers to write or projects to hand in. No grades. You get International Learning Units and a certificate for taking a course and demonstrating, through brief discussion postings and passing short quizzes, that you have done so.

"How much will it cost?"

We have kept the price as reasonable as possible; the courses can be taken singly ($199 each) or as a set ($550 - realize a nearly 31% savings). The courses are informative, filled with videos and graphics and examples.

Since these are official "Continuing Education" courses from an accredited University, your company or organization might pay a portion (or even 100%) of your registration fee.

"How do I get started?"

For more information including course dates, preview videos, instructor biographies, help, FAQs, and more, go to this page:

To register, go to

Need help with registration?  Detailed instructions here (PDF, 1.3MB)

Please help spread the word!

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Thank you for helping us to make these courses available to educators everywhere!

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  • commented 2016-07-31 22:35:35 -0400
    Thanks, Charlotte!
  • commented 2016-07-22 00:41:15 -0400
    Hi John,

    Since you registered for the Summer 2016 term, you have until October 31 to complete all course requirements, and you don’t have to re-register or repay. You should have plenty of time to do all the remaining course work. And please don’t worry about having to change your password. WVU does that to everyone, for security purposes. Just play along with them. :) — Charlotte, CSC’s “Web Wrangler”
  • commented 2016-07-19 13:26:56 -0400
    Hi folks,
    I purchased this program when it was first released, and went through all of the course materials, but did not join discussions, comment on assignments or take the quizzes. At the time, that was all that mattered, but I think now I’d like to do what’s necessary for the certificate. I can still access the program (I’m not sure for how much longer and they’ve requested that I change my password). Should I re-register and re-pay to assure that I’ll have time to participate as a full-fledged student? What’s your advice? JOHN COUNTRYMAN