Thank you.

Dear Friends,

This Thanksgiving Day I was thankful for you! Fellow followers of the Three Principles share a sense of community and I feel so fortunate every day to have this Understanding and to have so many others sharing it with me.  We wanted to let you know how thankful we are, so we got together to send you a short video message from all of us at Center for Sustainable Change.

I'd also like to remind you that we all have a busy few days ahead after Thanksgiving:

  • BLACK FRIDAY¬†(shop deals)
  • CYBER MONDAY (shop online)
  • Giving Tuesday (to your favorite charity)

On Giving Tuesday, charities like ours across the country will be seeking your donation and we'd like to be your favorite charity. Our non-profit mission is to spread the Principles to communities and the organizations in them that help people with the assistance of folks like you. You know your community. And, you know what a difference the Principles can make, especially in low-income, challenged communities, but even in your neighborhood. We invite you to check out our programs where we can help you understand the impacts on different areas in your communities and develop strategies and approaches to introduce the Principles to your own community.

We are dreaming big about how our work can help bring the Principles to Veterans, Domestic Violence Victims, Youth and the organizations that serve them, folks in the criminal justice system and many others. even to groups of friends or neighbors who can spread this Understanding in their own networks. You could be the person to introduce this understanding to an organization in your community who after researching our work and that of our founder, Dr. Roger Mills, realizes that this Understanding could be a game changer for the people they serve.

We invite you to make a one-time or monthly donation to Center for Sustainable Change and help us help others.

Donate Now

With gratitude,
Sandy Kelley Johnson, Board Chair

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