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September/October 2015 Issue



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Transforming Community from the Inside Out

Registration has already begun for the upcoming 3rd Annual Telesummit during the week of Sunday, October 18th, through Thursday, October 22nd, presented by Sheela Masand and CSC. Registration is Free. Two different live sessions are held each day for 5 days. To register click here where you will see the dates and times of these fantastic presenters:

Linda Ramus, Rob Friend, Bill Pettit, Jr., Christine Heath, Annika Hurwitt, Jacquie Forde, Dave Nichols, Ami Chen Mills-Naim, Molly Gordon, Terry Rubenstein, Dicken Bettinger, Michael Neill, Elese Coit, Mark Howard, Ian Watson, Judy Sedgeman, Anni Poole, Jack Pransky, Tom Kelley.

To find out more about the 2015 Telesummit schedule and speakers click here. You can also find Telesummit information by visiting its Facebook page!

Use our Telesummit Hashtag for updates and info: #3PInCommunity

grpCommunity.jpgOn Tuesday – October 20, 2015
5:00 pm BST; 9:00 am PDT; 12:00 noon EDT

Topic: There are No Strangers

Dave Nichols, Executive Director of CSC, will be co-presenting at this year’s Telesummit with Jacquie Forde from the UK focusing on impacting communities. Jacquie was instrumental in the Scottish Parliament’s recently hearing testimony about the Three Principles and Syd Banks.


Announcing Three Principles Research Breakthroughs

[We are grateful to Dr. Thomas Kelley and Dr. Jack Pransky for permission to share this important announcement with you. We are also appreciative of Three Principles Global Community (3PGC) that first released this announcement and established the detailed research page on its website.]

Dr_Kelley1-147x150.jpgjackp-150x150.jpgCenter for Sustainable Change is excited to announce a major breakthrough in Three Principles research. Three studies offering empirical support for the path from Three Principles exposure to improved mental health proposed by Dr. Thomas Kelley and Dr. Jack Pransky have been accepted for publication in highly respected academic journals! Everyone in CSC's network congratulates Tom and Jack on their fabulous work and this breakthrough in research. Read more here.



If you are interested in this research, you don’t want to miss two of our speakers and the authors behind the accepted journal articles, Tom Kelley and Jack Pransky, on this year’s Telesummit.



CSC Collaborates in Three Principles Research

11045_20130410p1.jpgCSC has collaboratively developed with Dr. Thomas Kelley the research instruments that will be utilized in our "THRIVING vs Surviving" and "Coming Home To Peace" programs for veterans – young veterans or veterans with children and youth in their homes – who are suffering from PTSD. Dr. Bill Pettit is serving as the lead investigator in this research with Dr. Judith Sedgeman and Dr. Thomas Kelley completing the investigative research team.

To read more about this exciting development click here.


CSC & Social Media


Thanks to A.M. Stewart (our Social Media Coordinator) and Tony DeVillier (our Content Publishing Manager) CSC’s presence has been revived and is rapidly expanding on several social media channels. Please take a moment to visit our new social media platforms. We ask you to “like” and “share” our posts and activities with your connections. This is a most efficient and a very effective way of expanding the CSC community.

Click each icon and take a look!


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Collaborative Relationships Lead to Community Program

IMG_1730.JPGEast Bay 3 Principles (EB3P) collaborated with Center for Sustainable Change (CSC) to educate, ground, inspire and support people who share a Three Principles approach to life and volunteer in programs, institutions, and organizations that serve children, youth, and young adults in their communities. This project was funded by a grant for several CSC projects from The San Francisco Foundation. A copy of Ami Chen Mills-Naim’s book - State of Mind in the Classroom: Thought, Consciousness and the Essential Curriculum for Healthy Learning was given to all participants attending (in-person) the first week of training in Berkeley, California.

Dave’s Most Recent Recommended Reading:


The Path of No Resistance
Paradigm Shift, A History of the Three Principles
by Garret Kramer by Jack Pransky

Other Upcoming Three Principles Events:


A Day for Teachers: October 23, 2015

Barb Aust, author of The Essential Curriculum: 21 ideas for developing a positive and optimistic culture, and Christa Campsall are doing a one-day training for teachers on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada. For more information, email Barb Aust.


VIVA Event in Spain, November 14-16, 2015


VIVA: Tapping into the Richness of Life - The First Ever Three Principles Big Event in Spain: November 14-16th, 2015 (click for more details & registration information)

If you have ever wanted to be able to prevent stress, overwhelm and burnout and stay healthy and balanced, but have been unable to because you think you don’t have the time, or the energy, or don’t know how to, then this event is a MUST for you.

VIVA brings together renowned international speakers, teachers and trainers at the first ever Three Principles big event in Spain. It will be a celebration of lives already transformed and the seeds of future transformations.


Best wishes,


Dave Nichols

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