Reviving the Joy of Teaching

Judith Sedgeman
Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD, Instructor
Anni Poole
Anni Poole, BA Hons, Instructor


The courses offered are:

  1. Redefining Mental Health. Instructor: Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD.
  2. Understanding Innate Resilience. Instructor: Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD.
  3. School Problem-Solving from the Inside-Out. Instructor: Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD.
  4. Innate Resilience in the Workplace. Instructor: Anni Poole.

The course instructors are qualified educators, both with years of teaching experience, and working in and with educational Institutions.

  • A series of four web-based courses offered globally by West Virginia University, and developed with Center for Sustainable Change.
  • International Learning Units (ILUs) indicating mastery of the material will be granted by West Virginia University to participants after a final quiz.
  • Center for Sustainable Change is dedicated to transforming the lives of children, youth and adults in distress. Its mission is to educate those who engage with young people about the transformative power of understanding the Principles of Innate Resilience, thereby generating sustainable change by empowering leaders in their own communities.
  • West Virginia University is a land-grant institution with the mission to deliver high-quality education, excel in discovery and innovation, model a culture of diversity and inclusion, promote health and vitality, and build pathways for the exchange of knowledge and opportunity between the state, the nation and the world.
  • Fee for the courses will be US $199 for each course taken individually, or

  • US $550 to register for and take all four sequentially (recommended).

Registration will start in April 2016 and the first round of courses will open In May. Participants will register online with West Virginia University and payments are made to WVU.

For more details please see:

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