New Three Principles Opportunities from CSC's Co-Founder!

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Ami Chen Mills-NaimI'm sure that you know -- probably personally -- my dear friend and colleague Ami Chen Mills-Naim. Ami co-founded CSC with her father in 2004 and nurtured our organization for more than ten years. Ami and I have known each other since 2006 and have worked closely together for most of the years since. Some time ago I shared with the CSC community that Ami, while remaining a primary facilitator and consultant with CSC, has over the last two years built her own coaching and education organization -- Ami Chen Coaching and Education -- based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm sharing this information with you again because I am so excited about the many opportunities Ami is now providing. I felt that everyone connected with CSC should be, for their own personal benefit, familiar with Ami's in-depth offerings.

After nearly two years of reflection and release of the book State of Mind in the Classroom (co-authored with her late father, Dr. Roger Mills), Ami has launched a new series of programs this fall. Drawing on the talents of the new Ami Chen Faculty Group, Ami offers a Distance Learning program.  In 2017 she is launching a Facilitator Training & Personal Grounding Program, which begins with a Los Gatos, CA, retreat in September of 2017, co-led by Jenny Kennard of Innate WellBeing UK and Gabriela Maldonado-Montano.

From her home base in Santa Cruz, CA, Ami continues to offer ongoing public retreats (including the next in Kauai, Hawaii, this February) and coaching/mentoring services. She also offers immersion retreats ("intensives") for groups and individuals in the beautiful Monterey Bay area. Editorial consult is also now available (by application) for those writing books based on the Three Principles and/or spirituality in general.

Please visit Ami's new website for more information and to sign up for her monthly newsletter. You can also join the Ami Chen Coaching Facebook page. Now, and increasingly in the coming months, find free audio and visual resources and radio show archives ("On the Front Porch with Ami Chen") at the website... as well as a carefully crafted new, free-resource page -- including tributes to Sydney Banks and Roger Mills -- coming soon!

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