Kyra's Story

Peter AndersonAn Excerpt from Telesummit 2014

There's a film that we've just published fairly recently, this Summer, called "Kyra's Story." It's on the Three Principles Movies website. And when you see Kyra, she looks an absolutely delightful child, and she absolutely is. But her mum phoned me to say… and this was at the last school that I was working at, and her mum phoned me to say, "Look I think she's turning into a psychopath here and can I get some child and adult mental health involvement."

And I said, "Well, that takes ages. Why don't you come in and talk to me for a bit, and let me just talk to you about this understanding."

So mum was quite interested and then Kyra came in and started talking to me and she was a very insightful little girl. I mean this was a little girl that was using foul language to other children; she was hitting out at other children; we were getting lots of complaints on a daily basis from other children and their parents.

And yet there's a little girl sitting there, 9 years old, saying to me, "Well look, I know I'm being horrible to people but I go home and I think, "Oh I'm going to be different." And then I come in the next morning and everybody treats me the same and I get really angry."

So we started talking about our thoughts and our feelings and this little girl just perked up and you saw her just come alive. And we used a little snow globe which I had in the office, and she sort of shook that up and I'm saying to her, "You know what, that's a bit like our thinking really, that when we get all agitated and we get cross, it's like you're shaking that snow globe and it's really, really absolutely thick with the snow in it. And yet you stand the snow globe down, and you just sit back for a little while, and it all settles, and you get some clarity."

And she loved that and hooked onto that and so that whole sense of, if she could let things calm down a little, then she would get greater clarity about what to do and how to be. And it changed things for her absolutely dramatically, and she became then a very popular child in the school. And yet she actually was the bully. I mean there's several people said that in the film but her mum felt quite uncomfortable, this was in one of the first cuts of it, and so mum asked us to remove it. And we said, you know, we'd remove anything she didn't feel comfortable with and that we wanted to use this as a story that might be helpful to others. So that bit got taken out but that was what she was being called. And yet that changed things for her and she's become a really helpful child; she's helping others; now she's sharing the understanding with other children. And I think, just going back to the last bit that Ami said about starting small – even as small as that, that can start to make a huge difference within that school community.

Peter Anderson

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