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Katja SymonsSince I came across the Three Principles I went through many amazing transformations, some spectacular and sudden, some more subtle, just showing in a change of behavior that could be recognised by myself and/or others. With every new realisation I began to feel increasingly better, emotionally and mentally, and eventually became balanced on a much higher level of wellbeing than I was used to. The biggest transformation though manifested itself in the improvements to my physical health.

Prior to coming to this understanding I was chronically ill. Just a few years back I felt an absolute wreck. I was totally sick, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. It had all started 11 years ago with an autoimmune disease of the Thyroid called Morbus Basedow (Graves' disease) and after battling through that, I had eventually been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Chronic Fatigue. With the help of alternative medicine I kept it more or less under control, putting up with the restrictions and struggle, not knowing there was the possibility to recover fully.

It's surely no fun to be feeling chronically ill, to worry about a diagnosed health condition, to feel threatened by all sorts of physical symptoms on a daily basis or to be living with various aches and pains for a long time... At the age of 37 I thought my life was over. I had suicidal thoughts and felt it's not worth living like this.* I was in constant pain, some days more, some days less, at one point every single step I took was torture. My husband had to walk the dogs, as I often didn't even make it to the park across the road. He earned the living as I was too weak and feeling too anxious to be able to work. Somebody else had to clean my home while I spent most of my time in bed. I was depressed and deeply troubled. At times even just the slightest touch of my skin caused me severe pain. My arms and hands were so sore, I often wasn't even able to peel potatoes without being in agony.

To sum it all up, for many years every single thing in my life was just a struggle. Looking back now I have no idea how I managed to survive this. But I surely did... and even better than that.

My circumstances culminated in the break up of my marriage forcing me to take stock of life, these days (odd as it sounds) I'm glad it did. It gave me the opportunity to wake up to the true nature and source of my illness through coming across an understanding I probably would have not heard of otherwise, enabling me to get back to the balanced level of health and wellbeing I enjoy today. I couldn't be more grateful for understanding that my experience has got nothing to do with my circumstances or indeed the people or situations I used to blame. Suddenly I was no longer a victim of "feeling sick" either.

It enabled me to see through all sorts of habits of analysing, and observing my health issues, which kept them in place because I was unwittingly 'feeding them' with attention. I took all that was going on within my body very serious, it was as if I felt I had to be in control of it, not knowing that there is a greater power which has all the capacity to heal and bring back balance naturally in a perfect way.

My very busy mind calmed right down when I realised the futility of having to understand my health issues. As a Holistic Health Practitioner I was used to making sure I understood what my body was trying to tell me, then I realised that all symptoms within my body were simply compounded by my own thinking. There was no need to understand more than that and therefore lots of stress and tension dissipated.

As a result of that, I took whatever I was diagnosed with less and less seriously, and stopped believing what I was told (for example that such a chronic condition 'could never be cured'). I started questioning the way we identify or label occurrences in our bodies (what does that mean, 'chronic'?), guess what happened?

On more and more occasions I experienced how physical symptoms simply fell away, in the exact same instant I had a realisation about certain historical beliefs that had manifested in the body. The more that happened, the more I kept looking in that direction and at some point I was able to maintain my better state of health without having to continue the treatments I was having along the way. It was never my intention, it just happened that my physical health improved naturally.

These days I'm just a 'normal' healthy human being. If I do run into health issues, I handle them totally differently than before. I ask myself how symptoms which show up in my body serve me, not in an analysing way, but listening to common sense. I for example allow myself to rest when I'm tired. The body tells us exactly what is required, we just need to stop fighting against it and listen.

I was doubled up in pain just a few weeks ago when my back muscles suddenly went into spasm, before, this situation would have frightened me and sent me into panic. I couldn't even move a little finger without being in agony. As the pain took a grip of me I gave into it, rather than resisting it. "How the hell does this serve me?" popped into my mind and I became totally still. In the state of calmness I was fascinated by what was going on and instinctively knew what I had to do: relax.

As a result I had a huge revelation. I learned to see the pain for what it was. The spasm had woken me up to question the tension I experienced, and when I was willing to look at where the experience really came from, I realised that the tension was simply created by the power of thought. I felt a huge amount of relief. There was no need to know what exactly I was thinking, just seeing it for what it was, was enough for it to change.

With the help of some tissue salts I was moving around again just a few hours later (normally, with a spasm like this, one would end up in hospital). Afterwards, the odd twinge or pain in my back would remind me to let go of that tension again, and it still serves me now, as a barometer of where my thinking is at when tension tries to sneak in.

To me, any form of dis-ease or pain looks more and more like a low state of mind only, not a physical reality I need to do something with. It's mostly unconscious and totally innocent, but the good news for me, is, that whatever we experience, not only mentally and emotionally but also on the physical level, can change in any moment with one fresh thought. So what is there to worry about? I learned that when we just allow it to happen, the infinite energy behind life will always guide us back to a healthy balance. Healing starts the moment we give ourselves to it, knowing that health, ultimately, will always be the natural state we default back to when our mind quietens.

The most powerful remedy for me these days, is, not to focus on the issue, but to look in the other direction, to the true source of our experience, and to realise how healing naturally works within us already as a part of who we really are. Really listening to that inner health within us, with nothing on our minds, is where true healing lies, even if it first sends us to see the doctor.

Katja Symons
www.katjasymons.com and "Insight to Healing" with Mick Tomlinson: www.itsallhealing.com

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