Inside Out and Road Rage

Patricia TothTurning yourself inside out may sound funny, weird even. You might be perplexed not knowing what it means. Or, seeing the deeper dimension of meaning could create a real "Buddha" belly laugh! There are endless possibilities. That's the point.

The Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought (as uncovered by the extraordinary insights of Sydney Banks) are pointers to a different and better way of seeing life because they are simple and give us relief of trying so hard to figure out all the variables. In other words, the deeper I understand life from the inside out via the Principles, the higher states of conscious awareness I experience, and the easier my life is... well, most of the time. But like yesterday, I had a real emotional melt down in a fit of road rage at "an idiot driver" (just my opinion of course).

The difference was I was watching myself lose it. I knew my fit of rage would eventually pass. I just couldn't stop myself in the moment. I had "touched the hot iron" so to speak and I knew I would have to cool down. So, I did my best to do no harm to anyone else, except maybe myself by screaming like a maniac alone in my car. Huffing and puffing and wearing myself out for a few minutes. I could actually see my thoughts as they went from rage to confusion to sheepishness and, yes, a bit of shame for being even worse than the supposed offensive driver.

You might say my wisdom and common sense went to sleep. And in my sleep I had a nightmare. But even in the nightmare I was a lucid dreamer to some extent because I was the observer of the dream. I couldn't even believe it was really me acting in such a negative way because I knew it wasn't real. It was an illusion of my thinking. My stubborn ego got in the way, and so I suffered.

Afterwards, I realized that I had been way outside of myself caught up in the world of form. And the paradox link, if you will, was thought. My thinking went down the tubes... temporarily. And my consciousness literally "dumbed down." But only to a conscious state of being a hot head knowing she was being a hot head. The difference is magnificent. In my "heart of hearts" I knew "I" had lost it, that it wasn't really the driver "doing it" to me, I saw the process if you will. And because of that I was able to get through it without much damage except a few minutes of high blood pressure and bad hormones pumping through my veins (not a good idea in excess). But it's quite amazing to me that we as human beings can use these simple Principles in such a profound way to explain, well, anything! They give us such rich ground to stand on, that we can walk through life with more ease and security, knowing the paradoxical nature of life.

Possibly the best part is... I didn't hang onto the negative aftermath. I was able to let it go and not add it to a bag of bad memories, self-doubt, or insecurity. It was simply over and I carried a learning forward, which I am now sharing with you.

So the next time you "lose it," see if you can stop, breathe, and turn yourself inside out.

Patricia A Toth

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