I Think I’m Not Good Enough, But Really I Am Not Listening

Molly GordonSomething I noticed a couple of weeks ago was it looked to me like clients (and I could see it in myself too) would sometimes be looking for answers to questions that actually weren't the questions Life was asking in the moment.

We get an idea in the moment and ask the question, "Am I good enough to do this work?" when the real question is: "What's this moment calling for? What's showing up right in front of me? What does this kid need? What is my heart telling me?"

We are all good enough. I think every human being is good enough to get the message in the moment, whatever that message is. I was joking with a client who was looking for the message about her business and I said well maybe the message is get a pedicure! Or bake the cookies, or teach algebra, or grade the papers, or write the emails. Sometimes, it looks like we get wrapped up in the questions and miss out on the answers that are sitting right in front of us. We are all good enough to get exactly the guidance we need in the moment it's just that sometimes I look for something different, I think I need a different type of guidance, you know, I want it to be bigger guidance, or deeper guidance or whatever, and then I think I'm not good enough, but really I am not listening.

Molly Gordon

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