I Have Everything I Need Within Me

Jenny Anderson-KennardAn Excerpt from Telesummit 2014

Question: "If wisdom is our default setting and built into us, why do most people seem so unaware and disconnected from it? Wouldn't it come more easily?"

Answer: It's funny. I look back even before knowing the Principles and it was interesting to me to see some of the times in my life when I really struggled, that wisdom was still there – my common sense, my gut instinct was still there, but I didn't know to listen to it. And I think coming across the Principles when I did, wasn't like suddenly I had wisdom – I saw wisdom had been there and I'd not listened.

I'd got so caught up in a world... you know we're surrounded by advertising and television programs and we go to school and there's all of this conditioning kind of happening, which is telling us that we need something in the world to be a particular way for us to feel OK. So we're almost living in a world where it's pointing us in the wrong direction constantly. And I feel like this is a gentle reminder of looking within ourselves.

As Elsie was saying with the children, they drew out the wisdom from the children. They hadn't taught them the Principles but the wisdom was there. What do these children want? What dreams did they have? And they just got them in communication and then they lit up. It wasn't told to them, you know you need to try and unite different cultures and faiths from around the world. That was their vision. You know these are young children and I think, even though our common sense and our wisdom can be very covered up and very hidden, it seems that one thought later we can realize it. And when we know that it's within us, we kind of look to it.

I didn't know I was a wise person and I didn't know that... I remember one of the things said on the course, which we had a video of Sydney Banks playing and he said, "there is no one more wise than you." Everyone has access to that same wisdom. And I didn't know that before. I thought there was someone out there who was wiser than me that could fix me. I didn't know that there was something in me that could move me forward and change me.

And I love that this is going to get out to youth because when you tell them that they have common sense, they have wisdom, they have insight available to them, they know to look for it. And I guess I feel that's maybe what's been missing, that we've been so busy putting information into children and telling them how to be and what to do, that we've forgotten that they already have ideas and they kind of know how to move forward.

So it's that real balance I guess with education, of teaching them about the world, and about English and maths, but also drawing out from them that already present wisdom. Because I know that for me, I felt that I didn't really know anything and I needed people to tell me. I didn't know it was available so I didn't know where to look.

So I don't know if that kind of answers it but in my opinion, it's that we are bombarded with information telling us that we need something else to be OK. And what I heard in that first course was that I have everything I need within me, to then go out into the world and do things, but there was nothing that I needed externally to be OK. And that was very, very new to me.

Jenny Anderson-Kennard

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