Help Us Choose Global Telesummit 2017 Speakers!

Things are heating up with the Global Telesummit, and we really need your help...


Now is the time for us to share plans for the next Global Telesummit in early 2017.  We are going with the title of "Connecting Communities Worldwide."
What does that mean?
Well, it means our focus is on work that has been or is being done in communities sharing the Three Principles understanding.
We are inspired by the accounts of transformation we hear happening in certain areas of the world and know there must be so much more we just don't know about.  So, we are asking you to share with us.  Please nominate a person/group/organization that you know fits the bill here:

(Link has been removed; nomination submissions are now closed.  Thank you for the nominations!)
You can nominate as many as you like.
This Global Telesummit is going to be "for the people, led by the people" and that means you!  Please help us make this next telesummit absolutely relevant for you and the rest of the community.   Help us choose speakers that will inspire, move and touch the hearts of our listeners.
The Three Principles understanding has the potential to transform so very many people's lives.  Help us bring stories of transformation and the "how did that happen" stories to the world.  The world needs as many stories of hope as possible.
Thanking you so much in advance.  And please do it now before you forget!

The deadline for nomination submissions is 11:59 PM EST on Thursday June 30, 2016. (See other time zones)

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Thank you to everyone who has sent in nominations! We are extending the deadline for nomination submissions in order to allow everyone who has been attending 3P activities to consider people they have met recently, either online or in person.

Please help us to showcase the "not-so well-known" people in the 3P world. Do you know someone who is quietly making a difference in their community and has made an impact within you?  Nominate them today!

Here's that link again:  (Link has been removed; nomination submissions are now closed.  Thank you for the nominations!)

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