The "Free Principles" Free Webinar

Watching a webinarFree Webinar for the General Public on the "Three Principles" of Innate Well-Being first introduced by Sydney Banks.

Led by Ami Chen Mills-Naim of Ami Chen Coaching and Education in the US. These quarterly, free-of-charge webinars offer an introduction to the "Three Principles" of Mr. Sydney Banks that govern human experience and help each of us to tap into our own well-being and wisdom, no matter our external circumstances.

"Free" refers both to the cost of the program, and also to the fact that "Truth" itself is free. The truth of the Principles (of Mind, Consciousness and Thought) stands independent of any movement, practitioner, organization, formulation or words expressed about them.

We hope these webinars will also help participants throw off any imagined shackles of constraint around the Principles, and free us from concepts, ideas or beliefs about "the understanding," so as to be refreshingly fluid with our own wisdom, with life and with everything, and all things, just as they are.

July 05, 2017 at 12pm - 3pm
Online videoconference via ZOOM

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