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locke.jpgLocke McCorkle, Board Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer
Born, raised and educated in Northern California. Grew vegetables, raised chickens, rabbits, pigs and an occasional lamb or calf as a teenager. Majored in English literature in college; did graduate work in the psychologies of India and China. Explorations in psychology and philosophy became a lifelong hobby. Love to ride sport motorcycles.

After college became a union carpenter. Then a general building contractor in Tucson, Arizona for five years. Lived in Mallorca, Spain for a year where I wrote a book. Took the est training then managed the founder’s office-residence for five years. Sold real estate. Two years in Los Angeles as a traveling salesman. Now a Supercuts Franchisee with stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

elese.jpgElese Coit, Board Member
Elese Coit is CEO and founding partner of TrueChange Consultants, a human potential consulting firm that helps business leaders release the collective intelligence in organizations and create nimble, high-performance teams.

Elese has spent her professional career in project, program, people and change management in Fortune 500 companies. After years of delivering business-critical network solutions for major clients, Elese became British Telecom’s Head of Project and Program Management. Puzzled by why talented people would sometimes achieve great results and sometime not, Elese sought answers outside the corporate training paradigm. One day she met Ami Chen Mill​s​​-Naim, (the daughter of the CSC's​ co-founder, Roger Mills) who introduced her to the work of the CSC and the Three Principles. This meeting was a catalyst that ultimately transformed her approach to producing successful results. Recognizing that these principles held the key to unleashing performance from the inside, Elese turned her attention to addressing the factors behindsuccess. She and her business partner (former CSC Co-Executive Director, Gabriela Maldonado) founded TrueChange Consultants to help leaders use this inside-out approach to take their businesses to the next level. 

raul.jpgRaul Rojas,
 Board Member
Raul Rojas is passionate about the work of the CSC of transforming communities from the Inside Out via the wisdom and compassion of the 3 Principles.

Raul is a founder of Rojas Consulting, a company providing leadership training and business coaching to Latino micro entrepreneurs. He also works with non-profit organizations in developing culturally competent counseling and health education services for Latino families in California. Raul has a BA in Counseling and Psychology from the University of Mexico, Mexico City and a MA degree in Organizational Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, California.


Ray Lewis, Board Member
Ray Lewis is a Community Organizer in Des Moines, Iowa. He has over 29 years’ experience working with faith-based, public, private organizations, churches, families and disadvantaged youth promoting personal, social and economic empowerment. He brings extensive experience with job development for populations with barriers to employment.

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