Dreams Do Come True

Sheela MasandI had a dream to create a telesummit where a group of Three Principles facilitators would come together and share a message of hope through their teachings and true life stories of transformation. An important part of the dream was that people from all around the world would be able to participate at absolutely no charge.

Dreams do come true!

The 2013 Transforming Community From the Inside Out Telesummit was better than I ever expected. Maybe it was the thought that popped into my head that helped: "How could this benefit the community and spread the word further?" My initial conversation with Center for Sustainable Change Education Director Ami Chen Mills-Naim certainly got the ball rolling.

I shared my dream with Ami. "I want to organize a telesummit, and I want to donate 50% of the net revenue to the Center for Sustainable Change. Would that be okay?"

Ami looked at me wide-eyed and asked me, "Are you sure you don't need me to do anything? Are you really willing to use your time, energy and resources to fund the project, and donate money to the Center?

When I confirmed that to be the case, she responded, "Yes, absolutely, it's a no brainer!" And the dream started to take shape.

Was it hard work? Sure it was.

Was it fun? Yep!

Was it worth it? Without a shadow of a doubt!

And what I hadn't foreseen in my dream was the "cherry on the top of this dream cake!" The beautiful partnership that formed during the creation of the project between me and the Center. So even though I assured Ami that there would be nothing for them to do, she and Dave Nichols, the Director of the Center, became more and more involved, supporting and helping in any way they could to ensure the telesummit came together successfully. It unfolded in such a beautiful way, the support, the connection, the collaboration they offered, was much more than I could ever have hoped for – a mini miracle!

From November 10th to 14th we brought together over 600 people from all around the world to hear about the inside-out transformations that are taking place in community. The 20 speakers shared stories that were heart warming, occasionally shocking and, more than anything, offered hope.

My hope was (and still is) that the telesummit's 10 interviews have gone some way to showing that innate mental health is always available to us, even when it feels like it isn't. If a person has an addiction or is clinically depressed or has any other problem or challenge that seems absolutely unsolvable, there is still hope.

With this simple Principles-based understanding, you can see that you are never broken and neither is anyone else. You can see that nobody needs fixing and so stop trying to fix people. You can see that love is our core essence.

The apparent "miracle" that is witnessed time and time again by Three Principles facilitators is that nothing on the outside changes for a client and yet the world looks like a whole different place. Clients start to experience their birth right of joy, peace of mind and love. That is the inside-out transformation!

For me it is hopeful to know that compassion, love and resiliency are available to me at all times, as is the potential for helping others to experience that.

To paraphrase a quote from Sydney Banks: "Mental stability and peace of mind are just one thought away." That thought could be your next one.

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