Collaborations with Local Community Programs

The community has been expanding! From San Francisco to Des Moines all the way to Manchester in the United Kingdom, we have joined together with several organizations in their efforts to bring the Principles to children, youth, and young adults.

Collaborating with local community programs

San Francisco 3P Volunteer Training

Three Principles Volunteer Training in the East Bay/San Francisco area occurred during August and September of 2015. It was designed to encourage and train folks in becoming more engaged in their local communities by volunteering in children and youth settings and sharing, through their presence and being, the transformational power of the Principles. CSC was able to provide financial support for this effort from a grant from The San Francisco Foundation. Rob Friend was the local host and coordinator.

Four experienced Three Principles trainers facilitated the four sessions. A total of 26 people were involved in the training, several of whom have already begun volunteering. Video recording of these events will allow CSC to develop marketing and training in other communities across the globe.

Youth Justice in Iowa

The Youth Justice Initiative in Des Moines, Iowa, has for many years been incorporating Three Principles training in their juvenile imprisonment diversion program. They needed quality evaluation instruments and analysis to adequately reinforce continuing funding requests. CSC was able to assist with this need.

Three Principles in the UK

Gill Best, a long time 3P Practitioner in Manchester, UK, uncovered an opportunity, through a coaching client of hers, to initiate a Three Principles pilot program for youth in a large youth services facility. CSC was able to provide support and guidance to Gill during this formative period. The experiences and learning from this small pilot program have excited that organization's staff about offering continuing and expanded programs.

Other Programs In Development

CSC is currently fielding inquires of interest in additional collaborative efforts in a number of locations, including Bakersfield, CA; New Haven, CT; Manchester, NH; St. Louis, MO; and British Columbia, Canada. We'd love to collaborate with you -- what ideas do you have for your community? Send an email to Lynanne Lawhead with your ideas.

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