Community in the Midst of Chaos: A Special Message of Hope


I've received numerous emails and texts from people around the world expressing concern and care for us in Charlotte in light of the recent "State of Emergency" here. Those communications are welcome and supportive.

But even more, they are indicative of the value and strength created when people connect with each other – connections that honor each person's wisdom and resilience. In that connection common unity is experienced – "comm unity" is realized.

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Help Yourself by Helping Us

Center for Sustainable Change creates opportunities through electronic conferencing for all people understanding and sharing the Three Principles to engage with each other in conversations, share information, find opportunities to collaborate, clarify their own ideas, and initiate programs in their own communities.

As we plan for the future, we would like to ask you to weigh in on areas of interest that we could develop for these interactions.

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From Homeless to CSC Board: Sustainable Change

Randa StreetIt's my pleasure to announce the addition of the newest member to CSC's Board of Directors, Randa Street. We're excited and feel so fortunate to welcome Randa's unique perspective and experience to CSC's Board. You see, Randa knows what it's like to be "down and out" with little hope... and she also knows exactly how the Three Principles can transform your whole life! Read on for more about her story...

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Stage 4 Cancer and Happy

This month's transformational story is from Wendi Saggese.  Wendi has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Since coming across the Three Principles her life has transformed along with that of her family too.  Listen in as she shares her journey.

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The "Short Route" to Solving Problems

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Happy children wavingWhat if a single thought, one simple realization, could change a bureaucracy?

What if the level of wisdom, caring and rapport that prevails in an institution is the only FREE and unlimited, and yet most CRITICAL resource, we can provide?

What if inspired educators and innovators were drawn to the joy of teaching regardless of circumstances?

Now there's an exciting new way to bring the Three Principles into your professional development.  CSC has partnered with West Virginia University to offer a series of four University-backed, self-directed online courses: Resiliency in Teaching: Reviving the Joy.

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