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Janet Lindsay(As shared by Janet Lindsay)

My probation officer told me the Simple Truths programme would benefit me emotionally and mentally. At the time I was in a deep dark hole, I just wasn't able to get out of. I was depressed, I was stressed, I suffered from anxiety attacks and I was taking really strong antidepressants.

Id been to counselling and a psychologist, and basically they told me I was depressed and to keep taking the medication.

The first time I attended, I thought that it just wasn't for me. This woman, Janet, didn't know anything about my life, she knows nothing about me. I was like a time bomb just waiting to go off. I was sad depressed angry, frustrated. I knew deep down I had to change for the sake of the children, I felt like no-one could help me and I hated being like this.

Janet spoke about Mind, Thought and Consciousness, how could a woman talking about the 3 Principles change my life, but it did. I began to realise the way I was, was down to my thinking and baggage from the past. I realised I was carrying all the baggage that didn't need to be carried.

I emptied all the baggage from my mind.

This group has been my inspiration, I'm a totally new woman. I'm getting back to being me! I've got my self confidence back, I'm positive again.

I just needed someone to show me the way.

When I started the course I was down and desperately trying to make my ex understand I wasn't taking him back. It was an awful relationship and I kept taking him back hoping it would work. I blamed him for being in debt and in trouble.

I thought the course was all about common sense when it first started until I met Becky. As I listened to her, it all just seemed to make sense. I really enjoyed the rest of the course, I always left with a light, bubbly excited feeling.

I {now realise} I have no-one to blame but myself for the mess I got in. There is light at the end of the tunnel though:

  • My ex has given in, he can't handle the simplified version
  • My probation has finished
  • My debts are going slowly
  • I'm happy so my children are happy
  • We are moving to a new house in a few weeks.

It's crazy how one thought sorted it all in my head and I changed, so everything around me is changing.

I will be eternally grateful to Debs for suggesting the course, and Janet for running it and Becky for just being Becky. I will never forget the Principles.

Shared by Janet Lindsay

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