A Parent's Realization

Dave NicholsAn Excerpt from Telesummit 2014

We had one session at the school with parents. And this is just an hour and a half session one evening and after we had a nice meal. And about an hour into the session, this one woman just kind of made a side comment, or side gesture really, and it was like "Wow!" And of course we all kind of stopped and looked at her and asked her, "What was the thought that came across your mind just then?"

And she said, "I just realized something – I just realized that my child can have a bad day just like me."

And for that person to have understood that it wasn't her responsibility to make her child have a good day; that it wasn't her responsibility to train the child or to enforce a process for her to live better and enjoy life; that it was ok for her four year old daughter to just have a bad day, and all she needed to do was just love her. And that was so transformative for everyone in the room to see that.

Well, the end result of that sort of story was that within about two months, that woman volunteered and became the President of the PTA. And when she did that, she became the first parent in the school to become President of the PTA.

The school is 100% free and reduced lunch, which is a way of saying, in the States here anyway, that all of the families who have children in that school are living in basic level of poverty; that they actually qualify for assistance for food that they can get at the school. So very few parents would even come to a PTA meeting, let alone see the value of participating in the school. But for her to first see that her child could have a bad day and have that translate into, "I can not only love my child, I can love the teachers, and the school, and the other children, and share what I can with them," – that was a huge transformation.

So it can happen in any minute, any time, any day, but those are just a couple of examples from my experience that I think are telling for how quickly the Principles can be transformative. As Syd said, "We're always just one thought away."

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