CSC's 5th Annual Global Telesummit

What happens in communities when people learn the true power of their own thoughts, along with the profound depth of their own capacity for wisdom, positivity, compassion, and common sense?

Here's an amazing opportunity to find out…

Our 5th Annual Telesummit will take place February 25th – March 1st 2018!

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This is your personal invitation to come along and hear some of the most impactful transformational stories from people working on the ground in community. Find out just what is happening – the difference a simple understanding of the Three Principles is having within communities.

You will hear how these facilitators started working with some of the most underprivileged in our society, and just what is possible when these folks hear that they are not broken and that there is hope.

Join Sheela Masand and Center for Sustainable Change for a free-of-charge 5-day Global Telesummit (two sessions per day).

February 25, 2018 at 12pm - March 01, 2018
Online videoconference via ZOOM

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