3P Research with Jack Pransky and Tom Kelley

Excerpt from 2015 Telesummit

Jack PranskyJack Pransky: We would encourage everyone who is running any kind of program applying the 3 Principles understanding to what helps people improve their mental health to use this inventory (the Three Principles Inventory, or 3PI) that measures 3 Principles understanding and those insights into thought recognition and inner health via a clear mind that we were talking about earlier.

Along with some other accepted measures of improved mental health we can build up a body of evidence using the same kind of scale that will eventually be able to make a huge difference in people’s lives. I just wanted to throw that in as an encouragement.

Tom Kelly: Absolutely, and if people are not sure what instruments to use because they may vary and probably will vary depending on the population you are training, please feel free to contact me. If I think Jack can help I will try to persuade him after I hear from whoever contacts me since he is so busy.

Dr_Kelley1-1.jpgThe other thing is if anybody knows of any other people in academia who are involved with the Principles who may be interested in joining with Jack and I and others on doing more research, I can’t tell you how much fun it was to be able to interact with Jack on this and with others.

The problem is in order to do this right, in my opinion, at least up to this point, at this point now we have the instruments so somebody who doesn’t even know about the Principles could actually do a study using our instruments. But up until this point, it was necessary to have people who understood the Principles and also had some understanding of research. Those 2 were very important and I’m privileged and I know Jack, Linda Ramus and Judy Sedgeman are too, to be 4 people who have had somewhat decent amount of both of those.

You can find the 3Pi posted on the Three Principles Movies site: http://www.threeprinciplesmovies.com/resources/research/

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