"How 'Community' Expands When Unhelpful Labels Fall Away" - Global Telesummit Day 4, Session 1

Topic: Many of us have experiences that seem to force us into accepting a label, such as "rape survivor," "alcoholic," or "addict." But are those labels even accurate? Are they helpful in any way — or are they keeping us from seeing who we really are and, ultimately, from truly connecting with others? That is what we will explore in this talk.

When: March 1, 2017 at 9:00 am PDT / Noon EST / 5:00 pm UK (Other time zones)

Eva RobinsonEva Robinson

(Gilroy, CA, USA)

I was introduced to The Three Principles in 1994, after being clean of Alcohol and Drugs for 2 years. Before that I had been drinking and using drugs and homeless, living on the streets approximately 20 years off and on.

During the first 2 years of not using A&D, I was going to school for my CADC 11, which is my counseling degree in California. I had my own apartment and was talking with my husband Eddie about us getting back together after being separated for a little over 2 years. I was working at the same residential treatment facility that I went through.

I was also contemplating suicide. I was a very miserable human being. And then I was introduced to The Three Principles and my life was transformed tremendously. Within 6 months at the most, my life had changed 1000%.

I started teaching The Three Principles within 6 months of my first introduction, with encouragement from Syd, Cathy Casey, Kristen Manchiem, and Mark Howard.

I started working for Santa Clara County Department of Alcohol and Drugs, where I retired in 2010.

I was able to continue to grow in life and my Understanding of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness even after my husband Eddie transitioned from this life as we know it in 2002 and my son Michael transitioned from this life as we know it in 2004.

I also teach a Three Principles class at the San Jose Recovery Cafe as a volunteer for the community. The members have substance abuse and Mental Health issues, some are homeless, etc.

I started my own Coaching practice in 2013 and I have been fairly successful. I am still a student and I always will be.

Mary SchillerMary Schiller

(Atascadero, CA, USA)

Mary Schiller is a transformative coach based in the Three Principles who enjoys working with people around the world via the wonders of technology, both individually and in groups.

In addition to being a coach, Mary is a communications professional and editor and has authored several books (with more to come in 2017): The Joy Formula, Mind Yoga, To Love Is To Listen, and A-ha! How to solve any problem in record time.

Mary is also a contributing partner to One Solution.

March 01, 2017 at 12pm - 1:15pm
Online videoconference via ZOOM

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