Some of the things that we do:

  • Transforming Community from the Inside Out
    The annual Global Telesummit with Sheela Masand. What happens in communities when people learn the true power of their own thoughts, along with the profound depth of their own capacity for wisdom, positivity, compassion and common sense?
  • Resiliency in Teaching - Reviving the Joy
    This series of 4 web-based courses will show educators, students and parents how to approach the challenges of school without stress and with optimal ability to enjoy the work. Offered via partnership between CSC & West Virginia University.
  • 3P for Veterans
    Working with Dr. Bill Pettit and Dr. Judy Sedgeman, Center for Sustainable Change has developed two research programs designed to serve young veterans, veterans with children at home, and the veterans' families.
  • Past Programs
    Our work is built on three decades of successfully applying a Principles-based, innate health psychology to communities and schools across the nation. Here are some examples.
"No one can give away wisdom. A teacher can only lead you to it via words, hoping you will have the courage to look within yourself and find it inside your own consciousness... Beyond the word." - Sydney Banks, The Missing Link