Other 3 Principles Events

  • Friday, September 08, 2017 at 01:30 PM through February 28, 2018
    Various Locations

    Wisdom School

    A Six-Month Personal Grounding and Professional Development Program

    hosted by Ami Chen Mills-Naim of Ami Chen Coaching and Education

    Warm, sunny patio A personal growth and professional development program founded on simple, yet transformative psycho-spiritual Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought (first introduced by Mr. Sydney Banks and now impacting both the business and non-profit helping world, globally) ... dedicated to advancing wisdom, spiritual maturity, expanded consciousness, inspired collaboration, and productive dialogue and understanding in society.

    Retreats, Monthly Webinars, Coaching

    • Three retreats spanning Sept 2017 - Feb 2018. We first meet in Santa Ynez, CA at a private estate (Sept. 8-11); in Los Altos Hills, CA, also at a private estate (Dec. 2 & 3) and in Kauai, HI, at the Waipa Foundation on the North Shore, in Hanalei (Feb. 2018. Dates TK) ... Santa Ynez and Kauai retreats are both open to the public, with special sessions for Wisdom School participants following each retreat. Retreats can be attended via live stream, though we recommend your actual presence.
    • Six monthly group webinars with long-time practitioners on the Early  to help further your understanding of the "Three Principles," your own innate well-being and boundless capacity for love, freedom and resilience.
    • Seven sessions of personal coaching with Ami Chen and various faculty members, as well as possible special invited guests.
    • Recommended reading and A/V materials across spiritual teachings and traditions; and Innate Well-Being video resources, courtesy of Innate Well-Being UK.
    • Special Online Group Forum (Private forum via Facebook)
    • Special Launch Year Pricing: $4900. Early bird special by July 15: $4750 Internet-based auditing available. Payment plans available; and a small number of partial scholarships available to those in financial need in exchange for volunteer services.

    To Apply, please send an email to info@amichen.com and describe your interest in this program. Include your phone number and physical address. We will schedule an interview to determine suitability and answer your questions about this training. Early bird registration deadline is July 15.

    Certificate of Completion Offered to All Participants

  • Saturday, November 04, 2017 at 09:00 AM through November 06, 2017 · £210.00 GBP
    Hotel Albir Playa in l'Alfàs del Pi, Spain

    The VIVA Event 2017

    VIVA: Tapping into the Richness of Life

    Albir BeachJoin us in celebrating and exploring the expansion of the Three Principles in Europe and beyond while at the same time deepening your own level of understanding – all in the bright and warm climate of Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain.

    The VIVA event has proven itself over the past 2 years to be an outstanding event of connection, joyful expression, fun, and presence. This year's VIVA – 2017 – event promises another unique opportunity to feel life unfolding in the moment.

    "It's been such an incredible experience...such a deep, beautiful weekend. Everyone, to me, has just grown exponentially." – Karen Williams

    Join us for this wonderful Three Principles based event to celebrate and explore the living joy that is available within us all; connecting in a way that brings us together in a powerful shared experience.

    Who is the VIVA Event for?

    The VIVA Event is for you if you believe in living and working with peace of mind and ease, improving the quality of your own and others' lives and enjoying simpler and easier loving relationships.

    Whether you are a practitioner, a health/well being professional, teacher, or simply an explorer of life, The VIVA event is a gathering for you.

    VIVA offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in your pre-existing foundation of resiliency, buoyancy and compassion, becoming freer of the too-often experienced doubt, overwhelm and insecurity.

    "It's been more than I imagined it would be. Beautifully organised but with a lightness to it."– Mandy Spray

    It's a gathering where new bonds will be created, ideas cultivated and support available for anyone who is sharing the Principles or has simply felt the transformative nature in their own lives.

    Hurry - Early Bird Special ends July 31, 2017!