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  • An Explanation of the Obsessive Behavior of a Teenager

    Judith SedgemanAn Excerpt From the "Bullying" Session of Telesummit 2015

    So when I'm talking to kids I generally don't mention the words Mind, Consciousness and Thought because it sounds too formal and academic to them. And I can just give you one brief example, maybe it would be helpful: that years ago when I was first in West Virginia, a friend of one of the people that worked with me was a health teacher in a high school and she asked me to come and talk to her classes because her friend had started coming to our courses and really liked the whole idea and thought it would help kids.

    So I went to this class... I went to this day at the high school and the health teacher was telling me, "oh you know, the first four classes are really great – they're my good kids – and they'll really like what you have to say and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. But," she said, "the last period, fifth period, those are the emotionally troubled kids and they're my problem kids and they don't listen and they're really hard to teach and it's the end of the day and you don't have to stay for that." So of course I couldn't wait for that one! (laughing) because that was going to be the true test of whether I could reach these kids who really needed that help.

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    Help @CenterChange reach 500 donations to help #veterans suffering from #PTSD. 2 programs w/a #3Principles approach.

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    Center for Sustainable Change wants to provide evidence to the Veterans Administration concerning the effectiveness of a Three Principles intervention with PTSD suffering veterans.

    CSC has partnered with Three Principles professionals and a residential support organization to produce two veterans interventions that include evidence-based research. Data measuring the veterans' mental health both short term and over time will support the research documentation. More information is available here.

    We are setting a goal of 500 charitable gifts -- of any amount -- to get these programs off the ground. A strong show of enthusiasm and support by the Three Principles community will assist us to attract the sizable investment needed from leading national foundations.

    Please share this page with anyone you believe might want to participate in this effort. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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