Global Community Leadership Workshops

Exploring how the Principles are related to leadership situations, and how leadership is expressed to bring out the best in people.

Leadership is a human quality; we all have it within us. In everybody's lifetime, there are moments when we have to step up and take leadership.

Many of us never find the confidence to take opportunities when they're presented to us, or to step into situations where we could probably help, but we're afraid to be in charge.

Just remember: when you draw out the wisdom in other people and you help them to see their power as the thinkers of their own thoughts, they can do amazing things. So can you.

A leadership workshop offered by experienced 3P leaders.

CSC is recognized throughout the Three Principles world for our work in communities.  And from the beginning, we've built on the broad body of work and remarkable results our founder Roger Mills helped to create in distressed communities and schools across the United States.

With our strong foundation of work in creating and engaging common understanding within communities around the country, we have created a virtual online workshop to help you understand effective community leadership from a deeper and more meaningful perspective.

Global Community Leadership Workshop

This 4-week virtual workshop, with accompanying blog discussions, is designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of how to bring the Three Principles into one's own community initiative.  The curriculum for the workshop has been developed by its presenter and facilitator, Dr. Judith Sedgeman, EdD.


The workshop consists of four 2½-hour sessions during one month. The same workshop will be offered three times during 2017:  in April, June, and October.


  • Participation in one 4-week Global Community Leadership Workshop is required of each Collaborative Associate; registration is included with membership.
  • Sustaining Patrons can register for a reduced fee.
  • Others can register for $500.

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