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    Check out CSC's Global Telesummit! I just registered.

    4th Annual Global Telesummit:

    Banner:  Sheela Masand and CSC present Transforming Community from the Inside Out

    Visit the Telesummit Shop

    2017 Sessions:

    Visit the Telesummit Shop

    "Creating Transformative Communities Worldwide"

    FREE of Charge  ♦  18 Speakers  ♦  Over 5 Days

    New Management, Familiar Faces

    Center for Sustainable Change is now the sole owner, producer, and coordinator of the Global Telesummit; it is being completely integrated into CSC as a hallmark program. International Business Coach and 3 Principles Facilitator Sheela Masand graciously agreed to continue to host all the calls. :)

    All net revenue generated directly benefits CSC's efforts to inspire and support the local efforts of folks around the world who are introducing and sharing the Three Principles in their own communities.

    An International Focus

    This year, the Global Telesummit featured people who are actively sharing the Principles in community settings in many different locations across the globe, from Kansas to Kathmandu. Each featured person was nominated by listeners of previous Global Telesummits.

    Now Featuring VIDEO

    The 2017 Global Telesummit was offered in audio and video format via the Zoom videoconferencing platform, although people were also able to participate via telephone (voice only). Audio and video recordings will be made available for purchase in package and individual formats.

    What happens in communities when people learn the true power of their own thoughts, along with the profound depth of their own capacity for wisdom, positivity, compassion, and common sense?

    Here's an amazing opportunity to find out...

    This is your personal invitation to come along and hear some of the most impactful transformational stories from people working on the ground in community. Find out just what is happening – the difference a simple understanding of the Three Principles is having within communities.

    You will hear how these facilitators started working with some of the most underprivileged in our society, and just what is possible when these folks hear that they are not broken and that there is hope.

    Join Sheela Masand and the Center for Sustainable Change for a free-of-charge 5 day Global Telesummit (two sessions per day).

    "Transforming Community from the Inside Out" promises to be an insightful and profound learning experience that can help communities the world over to begin to transform themselves, one heart and one mind at a time. Here are just a few examples of the results being achieved within communities:

    • 80% reduction in school truancy rates
    • 75% reduction in school discipline referrals and suspensions
    • 62% reduction in violent crime
    • 100% reduction in homicides
    • 74% reduction in assaults

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    Just made a donation to Center for Sustainable Change. Join me on Giving Tuesday in supporting CSC mission of engaging communities around the globe.

    Individual One-time Donation

    Thank you for your interest in donating!

    We gratefully welcome your contribution of any size.  Donate what you can, and you can still purchase other programs and workshops à la carte such as the following:

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    Three Principles True North

    Developed in collaboration with Center for Sustainable Change

    Coming Home to an ease you may not have thought possible.

    Totally committed to grassroots wellbeing for mental wealth in the community.

    Polaris, always in True North, is a constant navigational light for guiding travellers. The Three Principles also allow us to navigate our way through in life, in action within us, pointing to our TRUE NATURE.

    Most of us are seeking peace and ease in our lives, particularly searching for far greater wellbeing.

    Imagine if there was a simple answer to all your worries, anxieties, hopeless feelings and depression. The sheer truth being, there actually is! You already have innate resilience and wellbeing and everything you need. You have just forgotten your true way.

    Throughout time, human beings have experienced insights that spontaneously and completely changed their behaviour and their lives, bringing them happiness they previously had thought impossible.

    - Syd Banks, The Missing Link (Lone Pine Publishing, 1998)

    Three Principles True North is a group of trained Three Principles Practitioners dedicated to support mental wellbeing as far as possible. As you can see from our team, we all have different things to offer and we work across key areas such as education and families, national health, business and leadership; relationships; local communities.

    It is our aim to bring grassroots wellbeing for mental wealth into the community. Through this virtual innate wellbeing space, you will find everything you need. And if you can't – let us know. OUR wish is that we can guide you HOME to simply living with ease and grace.

    The Three Principles were first discovered by Sydney Banks in 1973 when he had a profound experience at a workshop, a deeper understanding of his true nature was revealed to him. And later he had an enlightened experience.

    The Principles are a fundamental way of pointing us directly towards our innate wellbeing and resilience. Home to our own true north- our true inner nature.

    You have to go beyond all concepts. And you find it in the stillness of your mind, in the quiet chambers of your mind...

    - Syd Banks, The Missing Link (ibid.)

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    Meet the 3PTrueNorth Founders

    Gill BestGill Best

    Gill has always loved variety and has a career to match. A career that has taken her all over the world supporting people to have better lives, in corporations, international charities, public sector, private clients and youth groups.

    Gill has been a coach and trainer since 2003 and since 2011 has made sharing the Three Principles the main focus of her work. She is a founding member of a global peace initiative, part of whose aim is to share the three principles to help inoculate vulnerable people against feelings of injustice, victimisation, alienation and isolation and promote wellbeing, to prevent them turning to violent extremism, in all its forms.

    Julie BrownJulie Brown

    Julie says she simply helps people lead a happy life the easy way. She helps people bring out their own innate Spark that resides deep inside every single one of us. Our Spark that although may have been hidden is always burning inside.

    Julie currently works with children and teachers in schools and adults in a one to one setting showing them ways to uncover their own unique Spark and is constantly amazed at how everyone is able to use their new understandings in their own way.

    Very much a people person she is easy to talk to, warm and loves to include humour when working with adults and children alike. She often asks, when did you last play? Well, when did you? ;)

    gemma-fisher.jpgGemma Fisher

    Keen interest in education, avid lifelong learner. Passion to develop and find funding for projects which share the principles at a grassroots level and build resilience particularly in the Education and return-to-work setting. Also keen thinking environment practitioner.

    Julian FreemanJulian Freeman

    Dedicated to exploring life through film, particularly telling stories and documenting the principles in action. This includes working with Three Principles Professionals to help them share this wonderful message... and in helping them and filming these films, I get to see Life more and more from a place of understanding.

    Bec FreemanBec Freeman

    I am a lover of life, a Certified Transformational Supercoach and a mum of two teenagers.

    I work one to one with clients sharing the true nature of life.

    People can so often miss the simplicity of life and the infinite capacity they hold.

    Anni Silverdale PooleAnni Silverdale Poole

    Anni loves learning and being curious! She served as a school head teacher or principal in 3 schools, with over 25 years of leading and coaching staff children and youth and families. She supports and coaches a school in Liberia and volunteers for her local NHS Metal Health Services.

    Anni has coached the Three Principles in over 80 schools and she works with leaders, governors and staff in many schools across the North. Recently Anni coached 240 year 6 school leavers in Three Principles understanding. She is currently campaigning for Mental WEALTH in schools.

    Anni has written a global online programme with Dr. Judy Sedgeman for The Center for Sustainable Change, where Anni volunteers.

    Graham TurnerGraham Turner

    Hi, my name is Graham Turner, I help people deal with both physical and thought based issues. Based in the Hexham, Corbridge, Stocksfield and Tyne Valley area, with a Newcastle and wider North East client base, as well as holding online coaching sessions throughout Europe and the USA.

    I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist , NLP Practitioner, 3 Principles mentor and Body Conditioning coach, Rehabilitation specialist with over 20 years of experience in helping people to improve their physical fitness, mental wellbeing and overall quality of life.

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  • published A Parent's Realization in Blog 2016-09-09 20:42:40 -0400

    A Parent's Realization

    Dave NicholsAn Excerpt from Telesummit 2014

    We had one session at the school with parents. And this is just an hour and a half session one evening and after we had a nice meal. And about an hour into the session, this one woman just kind of made a side comment, or side gesture really, and it was like "Wow!" And of course we all kind of stopped and looked at her and asked her, "What was the thought that came across your mind just then?"

    And she said, "I just realized something – I just realized that my child can have a bad day just like me."

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    Help for Veterans

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    Center for Sustainable Change wants to provide evidence to the Veterans Administration concerning the effectiveness of a Three Principles intervention with PTSD suffering veterans.

    CSC has partnered with Three Principles professionals and a residential support organization to produce two veterans interventions that include evidence-based research. Data measuring the veterans' mental health both short term and over time will support the research documentation. More information is available here.

    We are setting a goal of 500 charitable gifts -- of any amount -- to get these programs off the ground. A strong show of enthusiasm and support by the Three Principles community will assist us to attract the sizable investment needed from leading national foundations.

    Please share this page with anyone you believe might want to participate in this effort. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Please help fund these programs.

    Be one of the 500 investors who serve as a catalyst for this work to help veterans and to expand the exposure and reach of the Principles to more people.

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