Kyra's Story

Peter AndersonAn Excerpt from Telesummit 2014

There's a film that we've just published fairly recently, this Summer, called "Kyra's Story." It's on the Three Principles Movies website. And when you see Kyra, she looks an absolutely delightful child, and she absolutely is. But her mum phoned me to say… and this was at the last school that I was working at, and her mum phoned me to say, "Look I think she's turning into a psychopath here and can I get some child and adult mental health involvement."

And I said, "Well, that takes ages. Why don't you come in and talk to me for a bit, and let me just talk to you about this understanding."

So mum was quite interested and then Kyra came in and started talking to me and she was a very insightful little girl. I mean this was a little girl that was using foul language to other children; she was hitting out at other children; we were getting lots of complaints on a daily basis from other children and their parents.

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A Parent's Realization

Dave NicholsAn Excerpt from Telesummit 2014

We had one session at the school with parents. And this is just an hour and a half session one evening and after we had a nice meal. And about an hour into the session, this one woman just kind of made a side comment, or side gesture really, and it was like "Wow!" And of course we all kind of stopped and looked at her and asked her, "What was the thought that came across your mind just then?"

And she said, "I just realized something – I just realized that my child can have a bad day just like me."

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CSC's Co-Founder Launches New Website and Coaching Practice

Ami Chen Mills-NaimCSC’s Co-founder and former Director, Ami Chen Mills-Naim, has branched out with a new private coaching practice, website, and Facebook page—all of which reflect her growing interest in supporting people in their psychological and spiritual unfolding, whether involved in schools and communities, or not.

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I Have Everything I Need Within Me

Jenny Anderson-KennardAn Excerpt from Telesummit 2014

Question: "If wisdom is our default setting and built into us, why do most people seem so unaware and disconnected from it? Wouldn't it come more easily?"

Answer: It's funny. I look back even before knowing the Principles and it was interesting to me to see some of the times in my life when I really struggled, that wisdom was still there – my common sense, my gut instinct was still there, but I didn't know to listen to it. And I think coming across the Principles when I did, wasn't like suddenly I had wisdom – I saw wisdom had been there and I'd not listened.

I'd got so caught up in a world... you know we're surrounded by advertising and television programs and we go to school and there's all of this conditioning kind of happening, which is telling us that we need something in the world to be a particular way for us to feel OK. So we're almost living in a world where it's pointing us in the wrong direction constantly. And I feel like this is a gentle reminder of looking within ourselves.

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The Effects of Anger

Bryan RyanI had a client last year, a woman in her 50's who lived in the rough inner city. She was the "salt of the earth" kind of person, who lived with a lot of anger in her life. Her 16 yr old daughter was wild, and the two of them would have countless arguments between them. She also had Crohn's disease which was flaring up quite a lot as well.

The meeting with me was probably the first time she was able to sit down and have any kind of a peaceful conversation with anyone. Now this lady is smart, street smart, she needed to be to get by from day to day.

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