Stage 4 Cancer and Happy

This month's transformational story is from Wendi Saggese.  Wendi has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Since coming across the Three Principles her life has transformed along with that of her family too.  Listen in as she shares her journey.

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The "Short Route" to Solving Problems

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Happy children wavingWhat if a single thought, one simple realization, could change a bureaucracy?

What if the level of wisdom, caring and rapport that prevails in an institution is the only FREE and unlimited, and yet most CRITICAL resource, we can provide?

What if inspired educators and innovators were drawn to the joy of teaching regardless of circumstances?

Now there's an exciting new way to bring the Three Principles into your professional development.  CSC has partnered with West Virginia University to offer a series of four University-backed, self-directed online courses: Resiliency in Teaching: Reviving the Joy.

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It Started With a Game

Louise StoreyIsn't it funny you don't realise what you have until you don't have it anymore? Usually we mean this to be something we've lost that we treasure. In this case losing something has been the best thing that has happened to me and my family. Let me explain...

As a teenager I remember feeling self conscious, lonely and depressed once or twice to the point of wanting to end my life. I didn't even know what depression was then, the label came a few years later and I self diagnosed myself. I didn't talk to anyone about my feelings, I just sat in my room, thinking and thinking and imagining how life was so different for me than everyone else. I learned to put on a good front / mask.

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I Am No Longer an Alcoholic

Sally Wyse shares her story of transformation. She had an addiction to alcohol for years and lost her job, friends, and family because of it. Through insight on hearing about the Three Principles, she has turned that around and is no longer an alcoholic. Listen to Sally as she shares candidly.

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Can Teaching and Learning be Joyful?

At heart, I love teaching more than anything else I've ever done. And, at heart, I know the joy of teaching, and the pain of it, too. Teachers today face student attitudes and system restrictions that inhibit their sense of freedom and ease in the classroom. Teachers today, at every level from pre-school to university, are leaving the profession, just to escape the pressures they feel that have nothing to do with what drew them into teaching and learning.

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