Grateful Giving

fall-heart.jpgI hope that for you today is filled with gratitude. I hope your thoughts are about the gifts of life, love, and joy.

In the U.S. our Thanksgiving season is approaching. In northern hemisphere countries fall is under way. Around the globe 2016 is coming to an end. All of us are appreciating successes during this year and are looking to greater achievements in the New Year.

As one who is fortunate to have been selected for a leadership role in coordinating our worldwide network, Center for Sustainable Change, I have thoughts of how grateful I am for you and your sharing with all of us your life, your energy and your resources. Your gifts are a testament to your gratitude.

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The Janet Reno Legacy You've Never Heard

Thank you, Janet Reno

In 1987 Janet Reno approached Dr. Roger Mills, inquiring whether he thought he could help solve some of the systemic problems at the Modello Federal Housing Project that had for years plagued her at her Florida State Attorney office.

Roger Mills accepted the challenge. Ms. Reno's willingness to "think outside of the typical bureaucratic box," her trust to authorize a radically new and "unproven" intervention, and her commitment of the financial resources necessary proved to be the elements necessary to make this experiment possible.

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Report on CSC Veterans' Project

Beverly Kobie"I believe that every veteran should be exposed to the Three Principles during discharge from the service, not just those with PTSD, because the message I received from the training was 'Coming Home to Peace' inside of myself."

- Beverly Kobie, US Army

Center for Sustainable Change was able to offer a small pilot version of its THRIVING vs Surviving veterans program in Charlotte, NC, in April, 2016. Beverly was the only female vet in the group of five. She came to the three-day event with a lot of skepticism, after years of traditional and non-traditional treatment for PTSD. In the quiet, caring environment of our talks about the Principles, she heard her own wisdom. Today, she is a supporter, ready to advocate for anything Center for Sustainable Change can do for veterans.

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New Three Principles Opportunities from CSC's Co-Founder!

Ami Chen Coaching logo

Ami Chen Mills-NaimI'm sure that you know -- probably personally -- my dear friend and colleague Ami Chen Mills-Naim. Ami co-founded CSC with her father in 2004 and nurtured our organization for more than ten years. Ami and I have known each other since 2006 and have worked closely together for most of the years since. Some time ago I shared with the CSC community that Ami, while remaining a primary facilitator and consultant with CSC, has over the last two years built her own coaching and education organization -- Ami Chen Coaching and Education -- based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm sharing this information with you again because I am so excited about the many opportunities Ami is now providing. I felt that everyone connected with CSC should be, for their own personal benefit, familiar with Ami's in-depth offerings.

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The Results Are In!

It's a glorious day here in North Carolina. I trust that, regardless of the weather where you are, you will recognize with gratitude the beauty and splendor of TODAY.

What a fabulous response we received to our interest survey! The results have given us very clear marching orders for a new program we will be announcing soon, to begin early in January 2017 – Awakening Community Circles.

Here are the survey results:

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