The Essence of Transformation

Rachel Norwood"The world is a divine dream, suspended between the boundaries of time, space and matter" – Syd Banks

When Sheela asked me a couple of weeks back if I would be willing to write a piece about my transformation through this understanding of the Three Principles and the inside out nature of the human experience, I was delighted – after all, there's nothing like a good story to help get the message across. But then I sat down to write it and found myself faced with an incredibly hard task, despite all the writing I do about the Principles, I had no idea where to start. Then I thought, "Well, that's okay. I have a piece already written about how the principles saved my marriage, I can send her that and maybe we can adapt what's written there" and so I did and Sheela was okay with that idea.

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How I Lost My Husband And Found My Inner Strength

Gillian FoxWhen Living The Dream Became Surviving The Nightmare is the subtitle of the book "Promise Me – A Personal Journey" I wrote a few years ago, which tells the story of what happened when my husband died suddenly just 2 years into our early retirement adventure of sailing around the world.

I came out of that experience sadder but stronger. At the time I called it my "inner strength" that had helped me through the darkest times when sometimes all I felt like doing was giving up.

Now I know my wisdom was guiding me, but it took some years before I found out about the 3 Principles and recognised what had been going on all along!

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Depression & Anxiety After the Death of a Child – Why I Do What I Do

Tammy FureyI had always thought that I would have an OK life. That I would journey forward with a smile and everything would turn out OK. Until it didn't.

A few years ago I woke up to the fact that I was not well. All I knew is that it had something to do with dealing with the death of my son.

I was trying to raise my baby daughter whilst wrapped in a suffocating cloak of anxiety and fear; my smile had vanished. My daughter spent the first year of her life strapped to a breathing monitor to make sure that she too would not suddenly stop breathing. Every beep from the monitor meant she was still here, yet the question always in my mind was, when will that alarm be triggered?

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Dreams Do Come True

Sheela MasandI had a dream to create a telesummit where a group of Three Principles facilitators would come together and share a message of hope through their teachings and true life stories of transformation. An important part of the dream was that people from all around the world would be able to participate at absolutely no charge.

Dreams do come true!

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Practitioner Case Study in Community: "Roger"

Tony FiedlerRoger had lost everything, his marriage, his home, his dignity, his health, his family and friends. In fact he also lost his freedom, resulting from a criminal conviction, which meant he spent time serving a prison sentence on top of everything else!

His world had been flipped upside down and during his time in prison he became depressed and full of despair, so much so that he attempted to take his own life and as a result spent time in psychiatric care. Things couldn't have been more difficult!

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