Anne Marie's Story

Janet Lindsay(As shared by Janet Lindsay)

My probation officer told me the Simple Truths programme would benefit me emotionally and mentally. At the time I was in a deep dark hole, I just wasn't able to get out of. I was depressed, I was stressed, I suffered from anxiety attacks and I was taking really strong antidepressants.

Id been to counselling and a psychologist, and basically they told me I was depressed and to keep taking the medication.

The first time I attended, I thought that it just wasn't for me. This woman, Janet, didn't know anything about my life, she knows nothing about me. I was like a time bomb just waiting to go off. I was sad depressed angry, frustrated. I knew deep down I had to change for the sake of the children, I felt like no-one could help me and I hated being like this.

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My Story

Tony ArribasI am a carer for my Mum who has Dementia.

Being a Carer for someone who is "losing their mind," and to someone you love dearly at the same time can produce challenging thinking, which in turn produces challenging emotions. Yet, where I go from that moment now is significantly different to where I would have gone 4 years ago.

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Hikari's Story

Antonio GomezIn the summer of 2011 my Japanese wife and my two daughters moved from Tokyo to live together with me in the Canary Islands in Spain.

The youngest of the family, Hana, was only 3 years old at the time and didn't really notice the change that much. In just a few months she was fluent in Spanish and had become the most popular girl in her class. My wife liked some things about our new place and missed other things from Japan and from living in a big cosmopolitan city. But Hikari, my eldest daughter, took the worst part. She was 8 years old, had many friends in Japan, and didn't speak Spanish at all. It was a real culture shock for her and she found the educational system so different that she didn't want to go to school.

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I Heard Him Today

Sue LachmanThat's right, I heard him today! I thought I always listened and heard what my husband said, in fact I was always the one listening and he rarely listened to me, or so I thought.

My husband commutes to the UK once a month for work and spends the week rushing around seeing clients and of course buying the odd one or two things we still feel we can't do without here in Israel. The end result is that by the time he takes the underground to the airport and flies back home, he is fairly exhausted.

In the meantime, I on the other hand have spent the time running around the children, getting up extra early to ensure there is enough time for one person to do what two normally does and the same at the other end of the day. This of course is apart from me traveling to see a client or Skyping or phoning people.

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Clear Mind Conversations: "Mikey"

Mandy SprayMikey was fed up, in fact he was really upset and annoyed and felt like the world was against him. Mikey is 23, has a learning disability and works at a sheltered employment place growing and selling plants and vegetables; he loves his job, most of the time...

He was at work and had just fallen out with one of his best friends, he wasn't sure how the argument had started but he sure knew how it had ended! He'd had a strop, thrown his tools on the ground, shouted and sworn at his friend and anyone else who was around and stormed off to be on his own.

Mikey knew this was serious. It had happened before and the staff were really annoyed with him and threatening to tell his parents and stop him from going on the trip to a garden centre later in the week.

Mikey was in a thought storm; adrenaline was pumping, his mind was racing with thoughts of how unfair life was, he wanted to cry.

Ann, one of the staff went to join Mikey and took with her a cup of coffee; white with one sugar – just how he liked it. She'd made herself one as well.

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