Awakening Community Open Mic - March 2018: "Listening"

NOTE: There are five Thursdays in March. We are holding our "Open Mic" on the second Thursday, March 8, to give everyone time to read Second Chance, by Sydney Banks. If you do not have the book, it can be gotten in text form from iBooks, or from Amazon at

This Month's Topic: In Sydney Banks’ book Second Chance, Jonathan describes SEEING and HEARING this way: “They are not physical processes; rather, they lie outside the known realm of the so-called little mind. When this phenomenon takes place, it raises your level of consciousness, which starts to bring some new understanding of your own psychological manifestations. It reveals the connection of mind to your behavioral patterns. It gives you a second chance in life. It lets you SEE beyond your preconceived ideas of life…”

Listening, which arises when our minds quiet, is the doorway to SEEING and HEARING.

What does it mean to Listen “beyond the words” to “SEE” and “HEAR” more deeply? Why is this a critical central understanding of the significance of the 3 Principles? How does it differ from what people normally think about listening?


“Coming Home” by Sue Pettit

Coming home to peace and quiet,
Coming home to feelings warm,
Coming home where there's a fullness,
where love in me is born.
Coming home's a simple journey,
takes no movement on my part,
Instead of listening to my thoughts,
I listen with
my heart.


Recordings are made available after each session. We generally try to get them posted by the following Monday.

Online "Open Mic" discussions are held once per month at a set date and time and open to the public to participate.  Each online video conferencing "Open Mic" discussion sets the topic for that month's three subsequent Awakening Community Circle sessions. For more information, click here.

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March 08, 2018 at 12pm - 1:30pm
Online videoconference via ZOOM

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