Awakening Community Circles: "Education and Youth" - March 2017

NOTE: To accommodate requests for a much-needed program in today's environment: How DO we talk to each other again?, we are combining the March "Education" and April "Youth" Awakening Community Circles discussions -- combining conversations about young people seen through a 3P lens with Education. This could make for an even richer discussion of education, since, essentially, the focus of education is on youth.

March 9 - noon to 1:30 pm EST:
How an understanding of the 3 Principles would change the teaching/learning experience effortlessly

March 16 - noon to 1:30 pm EST:
Recognizing the critical impact of state of mind on teaching and learning

March 23 - noon to 1:30 pm EST:
Rote Learning vs. Experiential/Discovery Learning: why it matters

** Ticket price includes the three Awakening Community Circles sessions PLUS:

March 31 - noon to 1:30 pm EST:
"Open Mic" discussion of what we've learned through Three Principles work with schools/educators.

Virtual Awakening Community Circles are designed to network people with similar community interests for sharing and mutual support. The objective is to inspire, encourage and support individuals to take action to bring an understanding of the Three Principles into specific programmatic settings in their local communities. For more information, click here.


March 09, 2017 at 12pm - March 30, 2017
Online videoconference via ZOOM

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$75.00 Individual Ticket

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