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We teach parents, educators, youth-service workers, communities, and organizations how to engage the innate resilience — the human capacity for learning, creativity, compassion, common sense and well-being — in the youth they teach and care for, and in themselves... to become wise and loving role models for our children.

Our work is built on three decades of successfully applying a Principles-based, innate health psychology to communities and schools across the nation. We see an understanding of the principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as the "essential curriculum" for students, educators, caregivers, and parents.

Understanding these Principles will assist our younger generations to most rapidly shed insecurity, fear, and the biases and prejudices of the past, and to more fully harness their innate goodness, creativity and wisdom; to create a world of unforeseen possibility and sustainable change.  Our hope is that teachers, students and schools everywhere will become the petri dish in which world peace is nurtured and grown through peace of mind in the generations to come.  In short, CSC is Transforming Lives... to change the World.

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