Our mission statement: The Center for Sustainable Change aims to transform the lives of children, youth, and young adults in distress. We educate parents and professionals who engage with young people about the transformative power of understanding the Principles of Innate Resilience – the Three Principles – thereby generating sustainable change by empowering leaders in their own communities.

The three principles are mind, thought and consciousness. Mind is the universal, unformed energy and intelligence behind and within all of life; it is the power behind thought and consciousness. Mind is our access to our deep decision making intelligence and assures us that we are good and capable, no matter what. Thought defines the idea that we are able to create mental material, feelings are a direct reflection of our thoughts; as you think, you will feel. Thought is how we experience the world. To learn the principles of human functioning empowers us to see the true nature of Thought.   Then there is consciousness, which is the fact that we can be aware of our reality, how our thinking becomes real within ourselves, it is how we all experience life.

We work to promote an understanding of these universal principles underlying human change, and the
 innate capacity for wisdom and well-being. We engage individuals and groups of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, harnessing latent mental resources and connecting people. We do this in order to alleviate human suffering and contribute to a more harmonious global community.


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